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Best romantic restaurants in Brussels

Spending the night in Cocoon and searching for the perfect restaurant to have the perfect night in Brussels ? We've got you covered. Here are Cocoon's selection of romantic and laid-back restaurant.

Le Conteur Restaurant - the audacious one

Discover a colorful and tasty cuisine from the Middle East. Le Conteur is the place to be in the heart of Brussels ! Leave your worries at the door and get ready to taste bold and rich flavors.

There is a real joie de vivre in this restaurant, you ought to try it once. The casual atmosphere will seduce you, indulge (their cocktail are 🔥 ).

La Ruche - the savoury option

It is in a mythical building of Brussels, built at the end of the 19th century, that La Ruche makes you taste its protein specialties, each one more delicious than the other. It is THE destination for meat lovers (and lovers in general 💕 ).

Intimate and convivial, its subdued lighting and large bar in period marble will take you to a whole new world.

Nona - the true Italian one

At Nona, you have a rendez-vous with the real Italian cuisine (combined with Belgian organic ingredients). Whether it's for pizza or pasta, we highly recommend this temple of carbonara or margherita 🍕

Not far from the Place Sainte-Catherine, Nona is the meeting place for lovers of Italian cuisine. Don't hesitate to ask for advice, the waiters and cooks are always happy to talk about their Mediterranean savoir-faire. A relaxed restaurant for a successful evening!

And end your magical night in one of our rooms with this view ...

Welcome to a magical, enchanting and atypical place. Nestled on the famous and sublime Grand Place in a 400-year-old house, the Cocoon Brussels concept offers two unusual accommodations in Brussels, to spend a magical night together ✨

"It's a way to discover or rediscover the city differently. At this time, everyone needs to escape, to live new experiences. We invite our guests to become the masters of the Grand Place for a night", explains Marie Schyns, communication manager of Cocoon Brussels. Indeed, directly accessible from this well known place, the house offers two very different rooms, with an almost unique view on the Grand Place.

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