Extra Services

Find here extra services to complete your experience at cocoon!

  • In this pack you'll find crackers, tapenade and beers made in Belgium.

    20 euros
  • Cava comes with the night, but here you can choose something else.

    45 euros
  • Taste three different local beers, get a total pack of 6 beers.

    25 euros
  • Get a box of Marcolini chocolates in your room.

    25 euros
  • Get a discovery bow of these tasty biscuits made in Liège.

    25 euros
  • Get a box with different tastes of cuberdons, a Belgian specialty.

    17.50 euros
  • Get a pack with Belgian teas and biscuits.

    40 euros
  • Get a seasonal flower bouquet for your loved one directly in the room.

    55 euros
  • Explore the city with the help of a bot to guide you.

    15 euros
  • Go on a tour in the city with an experienced guide.

    175 euros
  • Go on a photoshoot with a pro photographer in the streets of Brussels.

    220 euros