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We are launching a crowdfunding for a Tiny House and we need your help!

plans of tiny house on the grand place


"A new haven of peace in the heart of Brussels"

Icône tiny house

Inspired by the enthusiasm for our bubble in Cocoon and its fantastic location, we had the crazy idea to grow the project and push it even further by adding a new Tiny house in our house on the Grand Place. This way, we will be able to let you enjoy our absolutely breathtaking view of the most beautiful square in the world with unrivalled comfort!

Who's behind this?

Once again, Baudouin & Marie, the founders of Imagine Belgium and Cocoon came up with this new idea of building a wooden little nest on the third floor of the house. But this time, they are joined by Fleur.


This renowned young architect has gradually specialised in the renovation and construction of wooden buildings, and three characteristics can be found in her projects: the interplay of space, the provision of natural light and ecological alternatives. Also, big bonus: she lives herself in a tiny house!

architectural mock-up of a tiny house

Want to participate to this creative project? 

Our philosophy is all about ...

Logos of Cocoon's philosophy

So now what's it going to look like?

What exactly does a night at Cocoon involve?

List of what's involved when staying at Cocoon
House on the Grand Place

And where's it going to be?

event room on grand place
The event

 2nd floor

The event room

Right here!

How can you help?

That's a good question, check out our crowdfunding page on Kiss Kiss Bank Bank - any other support is also always welcome! Like our Facebook and Instagram pages, share our campaign, tell your friends about it ...

Thank you!

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